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Singapore Packing Lists: What to Pack in Your Luggage

Hello travelers. How long have you not traveled? The pandemic is very unsettling, huh. For traveling lovers like me, this pandemic is stressful because I can't go traveling.

Currently, I really want to go to Singapore. Even though I've been there many times, but I miss this Merlion Country. Well, at least Singapore is an affordable country to travel to during the implementation of this new normal.

So, for a vacation in the Crazy Rich Asians country, you should prepare a list of what items you should bring with you. Don't let your vacation get tangled just because of the little things you forgot to prepare.

Here are some items that you must carry in your suitcase while on vacation to Singapore.

1. Passport

You should bring your passport when on vacation abroad, including in Singapore. You don't need a visa to enter Singapore with an Indonesian passport. Make sure the validity of your passport is not less than 6 months from the date of departure. Also, prepare an ID Card just in case being asked by immigration officers to match the data.

2. Hotel Reservation Confirmation

You don't have to print it. Hotel reservation confirmation can also be traced through your cellphone. so, don't forget to take a screenshot. This document may be required during the immigration process. I if you are staying at the Andaz Singapore Hotel on Jalan Fraser, you will need this document when checking in. For Singapore residents, you can use the Singapore Rediscover Voucher of SGD 100 to stay at this hotel.

3. Clothes

Because Singapore has the same tropical climate as Indonesia, you should prepare clothes that are comfortable and absorb sweat. Bring enough clothes according to the number of days you stay in Singapore. But don't worry, if you run out of clothes, you can buy them in the Bugis Street area. There are many cheap clothes sold there.

4. Drinking Bottles

Hot weather will make you thirsty. Moreover, you visit several places at once in one day. To keep yourself hydrated, bring your drinking bottle. You can also save because the price of mineral water in Singapore is a little expensive. You can also refill your bottle at the free drinking water that is scattered in several points in Singapore. You can also use a water bottle to fill your tap water to the toilet. It should be noted, the toilets in Singapore mostly only provide toilet paper and there is no water for wiping.

5. Adapter and Powerbank

Bring a universal adapter that fits any plug-in model in Singapore. The form of electric plugs in Singapore is different from Indonesia. Some hotels in Singapore provide in-room adapters. But why don’t you bringing your own just in case you need it when you are outside the hotel. Powerbank is also useful for you during the trip because of course, you will use your smartphone intensively to take pictures.

6. Cash

Even though Singapore enables you to make transactions with a credit card or debit card, you still have to prepare cash. Some places such as food courts, MRT ticket counters, and other public transports use automatic machines that require you to have cash.

7. Sun Protection

Protect your skin from sunburn with a hat and sunscreen. You also need to bring sunglasses so you don't get glare from the sunshine.

8. Personal Medicines

Always carry the medicines you need. Going for a trip does take energy. So, you have to pay attention to your health to stay healthy while on vacation.

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